May 8-9th, 2024 | Amman, Jordan
First International Nursing Conference:
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ACEN Self-Study Forum

ACEN Self-Study Forum

Self-Study Forum is an opportunity for nursing educational institutions to learn about the accreditation process. Professionals from Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, the Ministry of Health, and other universities within and outside Jordan would find the Forum to be beneficial as a professional gathering to initiate and/or expand the accreditation activities in place.

Attending the ACEN Self-Study Forum is extremely helpful to nurse educators and administrators as a channel to discuss areas of mutual interests among nursing educators and participate in networking opportunities.


Target groups

The target group is the nursing faculty and administrators from nursing colleges in Jordan and other interested groups in the Middle East and the nearby region.


The Forum will offer an opportunity for the College of Nursing faculty to learn and to ensure excellence in teaching and learning. Community service is a cornerstone value for Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan as it supports the interests of nursing education and the quality of healthcare provided by nursing education institutions in Jordan and countries in the middle east.

Given the increasing demand for qualified nurses locally and regionally, accreditation strengthens educational quality and fosters the improvement of the learning environment of nursing education programs.                                       

Attending the Self-Study Forum can help in building links between international universities and the network of external examiners, cultivating better communication between colleges and professional development for faculty, and establishing endeavors focusing on student learning needs.



We are pleased to announce that the fees for the ACEN Self-Study Forum are set at $250 USD. Join us to access valuable accreditation resources and enhance your educational institution or program.

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